Day One: What the Hell am I doing?

I have decided to start doing an online journal or as you hip people know it as a blog. I have blogged in different formats before this, so I’m quite aware of the format. I grew up writing sad poems and stories on Livejournal, then it went to Myspace, then Facebook, then I found tumblr. I love tumblr. The only problem I was having with that format was that 99% of the content being put on my tumblr was not mine. Just cool looking shit. Funny shit. But I could zone out for hours. That’s why I decided to start something different. I’m shooting for a mix of everything. Some of my livejournal, some of what I would write in a journal, to pictures, and be inspired by all the artsy things on tumblr. I just want a record of my life that can be looked back on. Even if for a glimpse, and know who I am. Also I’m too cheap for therapy and so this is the closest best thing. Hahah! With that being said, I need to get ready for bed. I have to work the same job I’ve been working for almost eight years. You’ll hear all about that.



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