My New Best Friend

Dreams have always been a big part of my life. I have always had really vivid dreams, and I remember them.  One dream I had back in the day, I was at a carnival and went into the House of Mirrors. All of the mirrors were distorted and it was a maze. At the end of the maze was George Clooney dressed up in a wolf outfit, with a boa constrictor hanging around his shoulders. He then signed a head shot and I woke up.  And mind you, it was ER George Clooney.

Whenever life throws something out of the normal, it enters my dreams. I am very interested in dream interpretation. One of my go to websites is: Dream Moods. All you have to do is pick out symbols in your dreams, look them up, and for the most part, be prepared to be startled. I’ve had several dreams where it has predicted some serious issues in my life. Your dreams for the most part are trying to tell you something. It’s cracking the code. That’s why dream interpretation is really interesting.

This year I’ve had some struggles. Actually it’s the most struggles I’ve had in awhile. My year started out with insane friend drama (which I thought, can it get any worse?), then my grandpa passed away (yeah, it can), then my best friend is moving to another city (one more while you’re down). It’s just been a pretty tough year so far.

Ever since my grandpa passed away, I have made a new best friend in my dreams. It’s Kanye West. He is a reoccurring person that shows up. One of the dreams, I was a personal assistant bouncing people out of his house. Another time we were swimming in the ocean, then at parties, we just like to hang out! And it’s a totally platonic relationship. In a couple of my dreams, I saw Kim Kardashian, and one dream I saw their daughter North. But one consistent is Kanye. And I’ve had so many dreams with him, that I see him on media showing off his public persona which I used to dislike, and all I can say now is “It’s just Kanye being Kayne”. I find Kanye and Kim adorable and perfect for each other, which I kinda knew when they got together but now my dream has solidified that. Now whenever I see anything with Kanye on it, I just smile. It is the most bizarre dream friendship I’ve ever had.

One of the excerpts from Dream Moods for celebrity is “…You want to escape from your own reality and live the high life.” And it’s totally true. Every time I have a Kanye dream, I have a hard time waking up. I am usually in the lap of luxury and just know everything is fine and I’m forgetting about my real life. Just forgetting the bullshit and hanging out with my new best friend.

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