Guy Friends

Growing up with a brother, I got the best of both worlds. I got an Easy Bake oven and got to play with Creepy Crawlers. When playing with my princess figurines, they had pet velociraptors.

The thing about growing up with a brother is that I can interact with male counterparts and not want to pursue him in any romantic or physical since. I have some attractive guy friends but thinking about being with them makes me ill. I’ve hooked up with a male friend in the past, and the relationship was ruined. We’re no longer friends and I really don’t want anything to do with him and vice versa.  Unless it’s something that is out of this world chemistry, I will not venture down that path with another guy friend.

One of the problems of this being chummy with guys are the judgment of others. My potential lovers are suspicious of the nature of the friendship. Did he ever see her boobs? I have had that in the past, I can brush it off by telling the lover to ask my guy friend if any funny business went on and they will be physically grossed out just like I would. Usually with that reaction it’s like OK, or “what the hell is wrong with her that she is so vile??”  The absolute worst is the female kind.

When you are friends with a guy and they have a girlfriend or get a girlfriend later in the friendship, they immediately hate me.  It’s threatening their territory. How can my guy want to spend time with her? What have they done together? And it just rolls around in their minds. There are times I think they look at me, mind you I’m voluptuous and curvy, and I think they honestly think How can my guy like that fat girl? I’m just an idiot wanting to talk about anime or Star Wars or wizards, and that is interpreted as I’m plotting to steal a guy. Correction her guy.

Where does this cycle happen? I read somewhere that a lady can be friends with a man. You just have to put the relationship in one of the three categories.

FATHER– this is for the guy in your life that you look up to.  A male role model.
BROTHER– this is for the guy that you want to hang out with and spend time with. Strictly platonic. This guy can tease you and get on your nerves just like a brother is. Wouldn’t be against giving you a swirly.
LOVER– this the guy you either want a relationship with or you just want to fuck

Easy. But I think with women, we tend to be more on the jealous side. I think instead of lashing out on someone that your lover genuinely likes as a friend, you look at yourself and your relationship. A strong relationship wouldn’t matter. And also if the friend that’s a girl is cool like I am, there won’t be alone times. It’ll be let’s hang out together.

All I know is that I just want friends. And if you’re cool to talk to and you happen to be a guy, I’ll be friends with you.

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