The weight of words can hurt so much. As I’ve gotten older, words can still be hurtful, but they have less impact.

By the time I hit puberty, I’ve always been what you would call overweight. I have a stocky build. I’m short and thick. I never looked at myself when I hit puberty and think “Wow, I’m fat” until others started to tell me.

This cycle of others telling me my worth and my beauty all lie in the magic number that was on the scale. I’ve been told by guys that they would totally date me if I lost weight, one of my old best friends told me I would be drop dead gorgeous if I was skinny.

The one thing that I’ve always missed someone saying, is going to be something that I say to all of you that are reading this. I just anyone and everyone to know, that you are beautiful just as you are!

2 thoughts on “Weight”

  1. What a beautiful post. I completely understand how it feels to be commented on your weight. Our world puts WAY too much emphasis regarding weight, when in reality, there are so many more things to focus on within a person. Like their soul and heart. From your posts, I can see how strong and kind of a person you are. Don’t let anyones insignificant thoughts affect you x

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