Pat Quit

If you haven’t read about Pat, please read here. For an abbreviated version, Pat is my co worker who I was having issues with at work.

Today, Pat quit. Now, did Pat come and tell me that Pat was quitting? No. Did Pat completely throw me under a bus and claim to be a victim of my tyrannical ruling of the clerical department? Yes.

You guys, you have no idea how fucking pissed off I was. I was told that I made Pat feel degraded. I was told that Pat was too afraid to ask me questions. Pat fucking told everyone else that I made it a hostile working environment. OMG, if I ever see Pat on the street, Pat will know what hostile any-kind-of-environment is. But the one thing that upset me that most was Pat lied. Pat lied about things I told Pat about in passing. Pat then stated that they saw what I said and I know for a fact that isn’t the case.

OK, I’m so not about spitting venom at anyone, (the “hostile any-kind-of-environment” was a bit much…) because I know for a fact things work out the way they are supposed to be. And poor Pat is going to realize that it wasn’t so bad. And perhaps, with a little reflecting on themselves, will see that everything wasn’t as bad as what was said. At least for me, let’s bring on someone that isn’t so needy and needing a gold star for doing their fucking job. Bitterness…. I should say, hopefully this is bringing someone that is marvelous into my life that might make my work load a hell of a lot easier than dreading coming to work.

I’m just really disappointed in the way this was handled by Pat. It was handled super cowardly. I was asked to leave while Pat cleaned up their desk. Pat then hung out in the parking lot and waited for coworkers to talk to them. Pat didn’t want to face me.

I just don’t get it, really. You don’t want conflict or you think I’m this awful person as you are portraying while saying you are quitting because of me, but a day ago you liked pictures on my Instagram? You are corresponding on my social media? Fucked. Up. If I had an asshole boss, I wouldn’t be liking anything, or even be following or friends on social media. There’s a bigger picture here that is one sided and doesn’t want to be seen.

I say good riddance to Pat. I hope for the best, but the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

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