Thrift Store

This past week has been really hard. After Pat left and emotionally shit all the way out of the building, I decided that our department needed a change.

Sometimes with bad vibes, it’s best to change up the energy in the room. So I decided to feng shui our department. On Friday afternoon, we changed the desks around and got that situated. But I wanted to change up pictures and moving other furniture around.

In order to get a new vibe, we needed artwork. I decided that this weekend that I would hit up some local thrift stores to get some cheap and appropriate artwork to hang up.

My morning started at Savers. First, I can not believe how expensive artwork is there now! I bought years ago this canvas painting that is over 4’x3′ and it was $20. I found similar sizes with less quality that was almost $40. Crazy. Anyways, I found a mirror and a painting print of flowers… that would go great in my front room in my house. Hahahahah!

While walking to the next thrift store, I told myself that this shopping is for work, only. No matter what. I walked in and found a couple things that I could put up in work. Then while looking at the knick-knack section (I love a good knick-knack, and my department has empty book shelves), I found this excellent vintage ash tray and a dinosaur clothing hanger. So yeah……. got those for myself.

I was bound and determined the third thrift store I would have complete control of myself. So I pulled into the parking lot. Mind you, this thrift store is owned and operated by the LDS church. I walked in with my tank top displaying my tattoo, nose ring and long, dark hair. The boy, that seems like barely in high school working there for the summer wouldn’t look me in the eye. He scurried away. I found a couple artwork pieces (and this place was the cheapest $5 for both!), and the boy had ring up my purchases. He was visibly afraid of me. Poor kid. I didn’t help the situation by smiling and trying to continue conversation with him. I laughed on the way out.

The last thrift store, I went nuts! I found so much stuff for work and then, two end tables caught my eye, and I had to have them! They were adorable and perfect for my front room. Hahahahah! I’m awful about shopping for other people. I do a good job, but it seems like I always find things for me as well.

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