The Night I Met “The One”

I was with a group of friends partying downtown. It was for a bachelorette party. We were drinking and just having so much fun. I was surrounded by all my favorite people. And the drinks just kept coming…

We started off at one of the best local bars in downtown. It’s a hipster’s paradise. The drinks are strong and cheap. And I was wearing my best dinosaur dress and people were looking. I got like five compliments on my dress at that bar. People were buying me shots… I was the queen of my city in that moment.

Before the queen would be dethroned by vomiting everywhere, the group decided it was time to eat something then go dancing. Dancing would take place at the gay club, but over the past couple years has transformed into a LGBT mostly, but a great overall dance club. We once had a ladies night downtown and I ended up completely making out with some Moroccan guy that reminded me of some dude I used to know. Same name and everything… I still have doubts that it was probably the same guy.

Anyways, I, being on a strict diet, told everyone that I was not hungry but eager to get on the dance floor. Little did I know, who would be at the club.

Once everyone was eating their pita wraps (why I didn’t just eat one, I’ll never know…) we ventured to the club. The bachelorette was drunk and trying to call her fiance, we got split up. There was a cover that night and I was willing to pay for our entire group to get in. Then the drunk ass dude behind me, almost joy crying “Are you paying for us?!?!!” No, you dumbass. I’m paying for the drunk girl that is wearing a wiener necklace.

We got into the club and once again, people are buying me drinks. I was the queen again. I owned my city. I owned the club. The club is dark with lights strobing on the dance floor, illuminating the pulsating bodies making it look completely magical. I grab a cocktail and I just start drinking. Then a song comes on, and it’s calling my name, I drink the rest of my vodka soda, and I glide onto the dance floor.

People get surprised by me with dancing. I’m short and thick, and people (or at least I think) see me as not being athletic or being able to dance. The only thing I can’t do when I’m drinking is go too low, I can’t get up then fall on my back, like a god damn turtle.

It felt like all eyes were on me just dancing all my worries and cares away. I was just dancing alone when all of a sudden someone started dancing with me.

I was dancing, not looking at anything, and my eyes were closed. I opened them, and went from the black shoes, to the pants, to the black suspenders, white shirt, red bowtie, to the most handsome face I’ve ever seen in my life. His dark skin was youthful and structured. And his smile was flawless. As I’m writing this my heart is swooning. Our eyes met, and he just smiled and kept dancing with me. His brown eyes were tipsy, but not out of his control.

One of my guy friends with his girlfriend came over to me and yelled “Get it, Genie! GET IT!”

It was on.

He was all up on me. He was going down and letting me grind on him. I had a moment where I thought “This is it. This is the love of my life. This is the guy I will spend the rest of my life with”.

With the blaring music, I yelled so sweetly in his ear, “What’s your name?”

He smiled and yelled back “Kevin! What’s yours?” I again in the most politest of ways yelled back my name. Then his group of friends started to dance around us. I was beaming. This has to be “The One”.

The group of friends were smiling and just enjoying us dancing. There was a guy dancing with a girl, then another tall guy came up. Kevin was dancing his way from my crouch to my face then looked at the group of friends. “That’s my boyfriend, Brian!” The tall guy that had a boyish face smiled revealing his braces.

My drunken heart shattered. I think it might have said it on my face. But I was telling everyone nice to meet them. And waited until the end of the song to get off the dance floor and drink more.

I sulked into my vodka soda and water, when some of the group that was staggering behind from the bar, joined me. It was too loud to converse, but we just watched dance floor come alive with the beat, and stop for a second with the flashes of the lights.

Once I got my breathe (mind you I’m so out of shape, but with dancing I can’t get enough), I was getting ready to go on the dance floor when one of the staggering group guy friend (short story-we had a fling and it ended really fucking weird) held his hand out to dance with me. He took me on the dance floor and up on one of the platforms to show off our moves. He was close and I was weary (again, it’s been weird and he has a girlfriend, and a lot of my dance moves can be exceptionally raunchy and not girlfriend approved).

Then a familiar heart melting smile got up and I like to imagine whispered (but in reality was yelled) in my ear “Oh, so you’re cheating on me?” It was Kevin. And I smiled at him, and moved my guy friend away from me. “Nope!”

We danced and he looked at me, like he was soaking up everything about me. He smiled while dancing and said “I just love your dinosaur dress! I can’t get enough of it!”

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