Considerate Ghost

Last night I decided to head to bed a little early and catch up on my reading. Like I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my summer read is A Song of Ice and Fire, aka Game of Thrones series. I’m only 100 pages in The Clash of Kings.

Anyways, I was listening to the classical radio station, which I enjoy when reading. I got into my pajamas and was ready for bed, but continued trying to read as much as I could. My bedroom doesn’t have a reading lamp so I had my bedroom light on trying to soak up as much as the book as I could.  My eyes kept getting heavier as reading Catelyn’s chapter, then I tried to perk up for my current favorite Tyrion’s chapter…

I awoke to music playing and my bedroom completely dark. Startled because the music was ominous and I don’t remember turning the lights off. I was perfectly tucked in and my book was neatly placed right next to me. My dog was at the end of my bed, and the two cats snoring next to my face.

To be honest, it freaks me out to not remember what happened with the lights. If I were to have turned them off, why couldn’t I remember? Not only that, I’ve fallen asleep reading before, but I’m super into my books that I would try to find where I left off and put the bookmark in the correct place. My book that was neatly put next to me had the bookmark still in the back, where I put it when I’m reading.

So, let’s see if anything happens tonight. Maybe sleep walking is what I do now. I’ve been under a mass amount of stress, emotion and being overall depressed. It just makes me wonder, is there something else?

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