Tarot Reading: Self Exploration – Love

Diggin’ Deeper Self Exploration
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In this spread, you need two decks. One that you love the other you “despise”. I only have one deck to date, so I only did the love spread this time. While shuffling, I just thought love, like a mantra.
Now as I’m typing this, the spread is stating to pick two cards from the entire deck that you love and hate, not two separate decks.
So I just shuffled and cut like a normal spread, even the A card. Which is even more crazy, because of how accurate it is.


[A] The card you love – Knight of Pentacles
The Knight of Pentacles is conservative, routine, slow and steady. It shows work is always finished, even if it entails hard work.
Being a Taurus, this is me.  And Pentacles represent the Earth signs, Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn.

[1]  What aspect of myself does this represent? – Knight of Cups
Knight of Cups is the romantic and emotional aspect. This card is in love with love.
With the question, I interpret it as my heart. Whether with love, and my emotions. I have been trying to branch out and do things, like blogging, because I enjoy it. And with romance, that is my goal for the past ten years. I want to find the love of my life.

[2] How do I feel about this part of myself? – Seven of Wands
This card is struggle with fighting for the success that one once had. What needs to be done is to stand and defend position at all costs.
The struggle is my love life. I’ve struggled for ages. I believe in love, but lately, I have been thinking that it’ll never happen for me. It’s not the fact that I think I don’t deserve it, it just won’t happen. I’ve had one serious relationship before, and I want to be in one but a million times better than that one. The struggle is real.

[3] What role does this part of myself play in my life right now? – Nine of Swords
Nine of Swords is a card of depression and anxiety. This card is a sign of worrying and putting oneself in almost a frenzy that it’s becoming a nightmare.
Again, this is the love life, I mean, all the information about that card just spells out what has been happening with me. And the depression and anxiety plays a huge part of my life at this time.

[4] If these two cards could talk, what would this card say to the other card? – Ace of Pentacles
This is the card for wealth and manifestation. Wealth and manifestation of physical, emotional, and/or goals.
This card would say that you need to mix it up do something different, but things will work out. Chill the fuck out.

Well, if those cards didn’t just call me out for being a neurotic fuckard, I don’t know what else will. Hahahah! But so accurate.

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