Tarot Reading: Daily Tarot Draw

While looking through Pinterest for new spreads, I came across this blank sheet. It’s called Daily Tarot Draw.

(I’m having a hard time trying to get a source. My Pinterest sent to a website but I’m not finding that sheet. Comment below if you can help with the source!)

[2] [1] [3]
1) Key Focus
2) Emotional
3) Physical

Key Focus – Five of Cups, reversed
This card means being optimistic for the future. It shows change and moving on. There are rainbows during and after the storm.

Emotional – Seven of Wands, reversed
The seven of wands, reversed is lacking self confidence, devastated, analyzing others and comparing to yourself.

Physical – The Tower, reversed
The card of fear of change… it’s wanting change but afraid of going through hard times.

Overall, my focus needs to be positive and looking towards the future. I need to be moving forward and just blossoming into my life even more so. My emotions are lacking. I’m feeling pretty low. I’m also not feeling 100% about myself, so I need to practice and work on my confidence. And for the physical aspect it could mean that I’m worried about getting older or wanting to lose weight.

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