Tarot Reading: Daily Tarot Draw

It’s another Daily Tarot Draw!

(I’m having a hard time trying to get a source. My Pinterest sent to a website but I’m not finding that sheet. Comment below if you can help with the source!)

[2] [1] [3]
1) Key Focus
2) Emotional
3) Physical

Key Focus – Page of Cups, reversed
Page of Cups reversed is a card of being immature. Being anything from the Cups family means emotional. This one is showing emotional immaturity. A card of wanting to run away from everything. Also, it’s a card of alcohol and/or drug abuse.

Emotional – Queen of Cups, reversed
This card has now officially come up twice in readings. It’s also a Cups card, so it’s emotional. It also represents insecurity. Queen of Cups reversed can be a sign of mood swings that push people away.

Physical – Knight of Pentacles
This is another card that has officially come up twice in my readings this week. This is patience, hard work, conservative. When this card comes up it might suggest becoming more dependable, a care giver, and trustworthy.

My two cents on it is saying that I need to calm down on drinking. I keep thinking with my emotions and not my head. I need to be more slow and steady. I need to work on my self esteem and gain confidence. I also need to make a healthy and positive routine. Today I really got my emotions tussled with my ex (we’re Facebook friends, but I have hidden everything that he posts) liking my status. I just need to gain that confidence that no one can bother me.

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