Tarot Reading: Daily Tarot Draw

It’s another Daily Tarot Draw!

(I’m having a hard time trying to get a source. My Pinterest sent to a website but I’m not finding that sheet. Comment below if you can help with the source!)

[2] [1] [3]
1) Key Focus
2) Emotional
3) Physical

Key Focus – Knight of Wands, reversed
The Knight of Wands reversed is the card like fighting snakes. It’s erratic and spacey. It cautions about thinking actions fully and not going at them with impulsive.
I feel like I’ve been like this and it’s starting to slow down, but perhaps a word of caution to not be so erratic. Think things through before actions are made.

Emotional – Temperance, reversed
Temperance reversed is a card of imbalance. It also shows lack of vision for the future.
I have been battling my life for purpose for sometime. So this is not surprising as emotional insight.

Physical – Ten of Pentacles, reversed
This card is a road block to marriage and financial success. It also shows fear in financial stability.
Marriage, building a family life, and financial success has been and will continue to be my goal in my life at this time. This card shows as a warning that change is needed to get to these goals.

I have been very scattered brained lately. I’m feeling somewhat lost. From this reading, I am interpreting that I need to work on myself and making it a goal to get financially secure. I need to know what my life’s purpose is, and only then can I get what I desire… financial stability, family and marriage.

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