Tarot Reading: Daily Tarot Draw

It’s another Daily Tarot Draw!

(I’m having a hard time trying to get a source. My Pinterest sent to a website but I’m not finding that sheet. Comment below if you can help with the source!)

[2] [1] [3]
1) Key Focus
2) Emotional
3) Physical

Key Focus – The High Priestess, reversed
This card is a card of ulterior motive and needing to listen to one’s conscience. The High Priestess reversed shows that you have a good inner voice but currently haven’t been connecting. This card is showing that you need greater confidence.
The overall thing that springs out to me is to listen to yourself and believe in yourself.

Emotional – Eight of Swords, reversed
The Eight of Swords reversed is a card showing a different point of view and releasing. This card is telling that one is becoming more accepting of change and accepting oneself. This card screams “free yourself”!
And like it said, “Free yourself”! I need keep an open mind and free myself from my limitations.

Physical – Ten of Wands, reversed
The Ten of Wands reversed is holding onto punishment. This card is showing that it’s a troublesome time but it shall pass. It’s time to get coordinated and prioritize what is important.
Right now it’s finding out what is important. It may be a difficult time, but it’s time to figure out what I really want.

Pretty straight forward: Listen to yourself, free yourself, be open to change and self acceptance.

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