Tarot Reading: Daily Tarot Draw

It’s another Daily Tarot Draw!

(I’m having a hard time trying to get a source. My Pinterest sent to a website but I’m not finding that sheet. Comment below if you can help with the source!)

[2] [1] [3]
1) Key Focus
2) Emotional
3) Physical

Key Focus – The World
The World in tarot means full circle. It signifies the end of a cycle and being able to have watched the cycle from beginning to end. It also symbolizes a sense of closure.
It’s the end of a chapter in my life. And it’s time to move on and go onto the next adventure!

Emotional – Ace of Pentacles
Ace of Pentacles card means the manifestation of goals and new beginnings. A start of something new and fresh. A reminder of the card is to give out to the universe what you want in your life.
It’s new beginnings which also means to start out right. Believe, ask and you shall receive!

Physical – Eight of Swords, reversed
Eight of Swords reversed symbolizes being open. Open to seeing a different side of things and open to change to see the other side of things. This card is step outside of yourself and free yourself!
I’m needing to be more open. The more open and receptive I am to change, the more free I shall become.

With all these cards, I see this reading as being proud of where I am and was. It’s now becoming a new journey… free yourself!

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