Remember that time in life where you thought everything was terrible, then fucking life happened.

Your mountain became your mole hill.

I’m trying to contain my mountain and continue forward with positivity, but I greet life with a dark sense of humor and quite an appetite of alcohol. So, it’s really hard combination I’m dealing with.

One could say, use humor, stop drinking, you’ll be OK. Yes, that is perfect for right now. But what happens when I have a cocktail and a tidal wave of emotions I’ve been avoiding slams into me.I’m dealing with a lot of emotions right now. And it’s hard to find a steady footing emotionally.

I’m still climbing my mountain. Once I reach the summit, it’ll be the most beautiful sight to see. I can see all the valleys, plateaus, mountain ranges engulfing around. And can actually say, “I’ve made it”.  Or at least say I’ve made it as an adult.

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