Distinctive Flair

I have this book about birthdays. It’s The Element Encyclopedia of Birthdays by Theresa Cheung.

My birthday’s greatest challenge is working well with others. Which I seem to have a constant problem with. I just wish I could interact with people and be genuine and not feel like it’s a chore. I love my relationships that I have with the people in my life for the most part (besides assholes that live in bubbles). But I have such a hard time with problem solving or working with people. I would prefer to do everything myself. Honestly, if it were up to me, I’d work by myself. I enjoy my company enough. And I have such high standards of myself that I know that I can do anything I put my mind to. Other people on the other hand, seem to disappoint. The suggestion in the book of overcoming the challenge is “to understand that isolating yourself from other people removes you from potentially beneficial and diverse influences”. Which in a dumb down version would be to be open because you never know who will come into you life and perhaps make it better. Which is so accurate. But I have a hard time of meeting people the first time. There have been people that I will automatically meet and just love. There are others that it takes a couple times, or it’ll never happen.

I just need to keep my mind open in the next coming month. My judgmental part of myself just needs to be dormant for a bit. And just let life happen. Let people come in happen. You never know the end result may be.

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