Back Again… Still Depressing.

If you have been following my blog, you’ll know that I signed up on Friday with online dating again. In the past with online dating, I picked the best selfies and a couple full body pictures. And for the most part I’d get bombarded with messages consistently. This time around, I altered my profile slightly but my pictures were more of my friends took pictures of me. So not the most flattering in my eyes, but more realistic. These pictures are not like I’m troll that lives under a bridge. So I’m hoping I’ll get more quality messages and interactions with those pictures. And perhaps looking more “homely” and not the goddess I can look might make me more approachable in that sense. After uploading those pictures, right off the bat I got four messages. But it’s the “fishing” messages. One is saying “Wanna have fun tonight?” then the three others “Hey”. Here we go, I suppose. Regretting even doing this, I signed out and left for the weekend to spend time at the family cabin.

I woke up this morning at the cabin eager to get into cell service to see if my experiment worked. I somewhat got myself excited about who was going to see my profile and message me. Once we reached over the first mountain peak, my 3G flashed. And my email sound came one and updated 15 new emails. (Side note: I don’t do the apps on the phone. I think it’s too life consuming to constantly have a dating app on your phone. So I only go on my laptop at home, but I get notifications through emails) Eternally squealing, I open the inbox and 13 were advertisements and 2 were from the dating site. One saying that a guy looked at my profile the other was a message saying “Hey I’m Jason. Call me 555-5555” My jaw dropped. What the fuck. I would have to look at the details when I got home, but this was the worst return to online dating I’ve ever had. The last time I went to online dating (which was either end of last year or beginning of this year), I get bombarded. I would at least get in a 24 hour span, 15-20 messages. And over 24 hours, one message. Perhaps the pictures deterred the majority of the population. I’m not sure.

The game plan this week is to not change anything. Get a base reading on views and messages. And just see who is out there and who is messaging. Next weekend, I’ll be doing a slight change in my profile to see if I get any more hits.

Like I said before, I’m looking for more quality. I’m still positive. And with quality you have to be patient. But online dating is still depressing.

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