Online Dating App

If you have been following along my online dating posts, you’ll know that I don’t have an online dating app on my phone. I’m against using one.


I used to have an app for the dating website I went. I found myself becoming obsessive checking it. Whenever I had my phone, it seemed like my phone was in a death grip and I was just feeding off of the messages I get. I was constantly on the app looking at people or looking to see if that cute guy messaged back. It was an obsession. An addiction. I was turning myself crazy! So I decided that only on my laptop would I be able to message on the website. And honestly it’s made it a lot more fun to do.

If you don’t have an addictive personality unlike myself and can enjoy it, that’s great. But if you are floating on the website and/or app, you’re not living your life. Treat this website like your personal email. Are you constantly on your email all day and dropping everything you’re doing to read it? At least with me, no. Hell no.

Send a message and close the website down. Step away and go outside. Call up friends. Live your life! Do something fun! Online dating shouldn’t be serious, it’s a way of meeting people. But don’t forget to live your life.

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