When there is issues or conflict between individuals, why does it seem that most people just pretend it didn’t happen?

It makes interactions so awkward. I mean, the whole interaction of resolving the conflict (even if it is an agree to disagree) can be awkward, but the awkwardness if the conflict is resolved goes away. But if nothing has been said to say “Hey this really upset me.” or “I know you’re upset with me, but it is what it is. I’m sorry you feel that way”. Shit. Pretty fucking easy. Rather than the weird interactions of just like let’s pretend nothing happened. Let’s pretend how it used to be prior to this relationship changing action.

Mind you, I know it’s hard to apologize and be open. But how are you supposed to communicate your feelings or even resolve an issue.

I’m just really not liking these situations and unfortunately trying to eliminate deep and meaningful relationships with people that can not communicate. It’s the most frustrating kind. I genuinely like this person, but clearly they don’t genuinely care about me or they would have done something… like anything… to make it right.

I’ve been the first person to address problems right when they start, and have stopped doing it this year with a handful of people that it seems like it’s always an issue. And apparently with stopping that is just going to be me waiting forever and have a fake relationship.

Nope. I’m done with that.

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