We Don’t Forget

I feel like Peter Griffin when I go into rants… YOU KNOW WHAT REALLY GRINDS MY GEARS???

But seriously…

On Facebook, this year will mark a decade of my high school graduation. And you know what that means?!?!?!?? HIGH SCHOOL REUNION! (insert sarcasm) Mind you, I didn’t hate high school but nor did I love it. It was a time of my life that was fun but irrelevant. It was thinking you knew the world and guess what? The world bitch slaps you over and over again within the first year out of high school.

Well, I was suggested to join my high school graduation year of 2005 group on Facebook. That suggestion was completely and intentionally ignored. Then one day I get a message on Facebook. It was from one of the popular cheerleader type girls that headed the reunion committee. The message being super fake and again suggesting to join the reunion page. I scrolled over her profile picture and it was the perfect family photo. Out in nature, wearing fancy clothes, and putting on a front. Intrigued of what the fuck she was doing (and I was also somewhat intoxicated at the time), I clicked on her profile.

Her profile was littered with everything about her perfect life. Each post talking about her perfect husband, her perfect kids with sprinkled holier than thou all over it. With comments on each thing pouring with jealousy over each post and picture from people all across the board. Most coming from people I went to high school with.

When someone has to constantly say how perfect their life is through social media, is that they are sometimes genuinely happy, but for the most part is a total front. It’s almost the thought of if you say the lie enough times it’ll come true.

With all this bitching, one (including myself) would think “You are just jealous”. No, no. You see, you can paint a beautiful picture and try to divert everyone to see your perfect life. But you see, I remember you in high school.

This girl was one of the popular girls. The cheerleaders. My school in the elite popular crowd was very stereotypical. It was the jocks and the cheerleaders. But the added fun twist to it was you were the elite if you were Mormon. For awhile any social climbing you would try would be sniffed out by what ward you belong to. I for one didn’t really care to become popular and if that’s your religion, that’s great. It’s not mine, respect me and I shall respect you. But some of these individuals seek out the pure blood Mormon. And you were scum otherwise. These people sucked and I would prefer to be scum in their eyes than to steep to their level. Anyways, this girl was the top bitch. Every guy wanted to be with her, or how she would have it seem. But when popularity happens in high school, people talk. Some will share tall tales about people, but the worst is some will share your truths. From what was said she would invite different guys over, tell them to come into her house, and she would be pleasuring herself right in the open with fruit and various vegetables. Wanna go eat a salad, now? This actually scared some of the guys that they warned others. Most were intrigued. And the story became wildfire and 100% true from what I heard from an eye witness.

So while looking at her perfect life in present time. I’m not jealous. She was the vegetable dildo. And maybe that’s why she moved away, so the story might die out. I’m not sure. But whenever I hear her name, or now even see her pictures it makes me cringe.

The moral of the story kids under 18, when you are in high school keep a low profile. And if you want to ride the popularity train, don’t masturbate with fruit and do gross stuff that people or assholes like myself will only remember you as that person.

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