Online Dating

So this far with online dating, I haven’t met anyone that has changed anything. It’s mostly vulgar messages from strangers about my tits, orgasms, or what kind of job I like giving.

Don’t let this blog discourage you from online dating, if you haven’t done it. You will go into phases of it. Some phases you’ll be going out with several pretty awesome guys at a time, another phase none at all.

I think with this swing of doing the dating thing, that there are guys I’m talking to online but not feeling a spark or a connection really with. It’s a feeling of obligation. Which if that’s how you are starting a relationship with… it’s gonna end real quick.

I’m always hopeful, but I’m just not online as much I probably should be. Oh well.

2 thoughts on “Online Dating”

  1. Perhaps it is just the sites you are on or maybe meeting someone the old-fashion way might just be the way to go for you. In any case, I hope you stay safe and wish you the very best.

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