Best Friend Reunited

I was at the train station just wanting to leave town. I saw ex friends of mine and I just avoided them. One of them was pregnant. And my thought was “Typical… just wanting to trap a man”.

I was waiting around for someone. And during the time, I wasn’t quite sure who it was. The train was about to leave, but I couldn’t leave without this person. Then he appeared. Kanye West came in. I rushed to him and explained about my previous dreams. I told him that he was my best friend in my dreams. He looked understandably weirded out. Then I got enough guts to ask him “Kanye, will you be my best friend?” He looked at me and smiled. “Yes, of course”.

We walked to where the train loads people, and there was no train. I begged the train employees to let me in, and they told me I was out of luck. Then Kanye came in. They backed the train up and let us in.

Kanye then performed on the train. I kept tell everyone “HE’S MY BEST FRIEND! HE’S MY BEST FRIEND!”

According to Dream Moods, a train station is symbolism for transitioning to the next phase in life. Seeing a train is working out mental issues in a orderly fashion. While being on the train represents life’s journey, and can mean I’m on the “right track” in life. Seeing ex friends might be something reminded me of them, or it could be remembering why the friendship ended and to learn from it. Now an ex friend meaning along with pregnant is that there is a close connection to that person. I completely disagree since I don’t want a thing to do with this person. Being late symbolizes fear of change, but as the symbols that were previously mentioned, change is inevitable, especially on this new phase of life. Kanye, which I have done dream interpretation previously about having him in my dream is an escape of my reality. The desire to live the high life, to be in his life. And making a new friend, even with Kanye West, is symbolic as being true to oneself and having self acceptance. And finally, a concert can mean harmony. Even though there are changes, this new part of life is scary and new, you will find harmony and you are on the right path.

And I think with all this interpretation on the dream, it makes even more sense why I was so happy when I woke up. But that’s pretty typical with my Kanye West dreams. Which I also like to point out, we are strictly best friends. Him and Kim are perfect for each other, to quote my previous dream with Kanye.

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