Onto the Next

One thing that I have never understood with the whole dating world, is how quickly some people get in and out of relationships. I think the most baffling to me is getting into relationships.

For example, I know this lady who was dating this guy for years. Literally years. He was an idiot. She broke up with him and not even two months go by and she’s in another relationship.

We all know that person that can’t be alone. They seem like they are always in a relationship no matter what. And my question is HOW? How does that happen? Where does one find someone that just jumps into a relationship. Is there a place in town where you can find these people?

And with that question, has made me realize the answer, at least in my life, is that I’m looking for long term. A lot of these relationships start out as a casual fling then turns to feeling comfortable then to true, valid feelings. And when looking for long term you weed out the casual flings. AKA potential relationships (expirations vary).

I don’t have a problem with casual flings, I just have a fear of STIs (or in my day they were called STDs). So with that being said, I just would rather not do the casual fling. Been there done that. And it’s too stressful in my health’s sense anyways.

One thought on “Onto the Next”

  1. Haha fear of STD’s…but seriously! People nowadays are way too casual and shallow about relationships. It is hard to find sincere people looking for the real thing.

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