I’m Just An Uneducated Dolt.

Just because you aren’t college educated doesn’t mean that you are not an intelligent and/or successful human being.

I have been faced with this notion of being an uneducated dolt several times though almost all aspects in my life. I remember one date I went on this guy blatantly asked why I didn’t graduate from college (and mind you first date, as well). I told him that I wasn’t mature enough to be serious about my higher education and dropped out after the first year. His response was “Well I graduated”. Good for you asshole, do you want a cookie?

I have felt a lot of pressure from all types of college educated people, some being old friends (old being we are no longer friends), some being first dates. I vividly remember going to a friend’s house and they had a story on a bulletin board about a new found tribe that hasn’t been in touch with the modern world for almost a century. The story was fascinating, so I picked it up and started to read it. This “friend” ripped it from my hands and told me “You would not be interested in that. That’s for my college classmates”. Being startled about being somewhat scolded on peaking an interest on something, I put it back. I’ve had a date try to “one up” me on their education. I’ve also had another date with someone different tell me that his education was on a different realm than me (aka “I am a dumbass”)

To turn the tables, I want to address the other side. The other side being the uneducated dolt side.

I don’t have any debt for student loans. I can live my life so free and full and not having to dodge any student loans. Many of my friends that have graduated from college, not including their masters, are still paying for their college loans. I know people that have graduated over a decade ago, still paying off those. And guess what, I don’t have to worry about that.

Ever since I dropped out of college, I’ve been working. And with working, even with minimum wage jobs, I’m still making more money and have saved more money than any of my college educated friends. My work ethic is on point. I once worked with a person named Pat and they were college educated. Their work ethic consisted on wanting to be a manager without any work or knowledge involved. Just to bank on the fact they went to school. And guess what? That’s not how jobs work. A lot of people that are in college are either working to pay rent and their student loans, or they are riding on student loans until they get out. I have the experience in the work force and actually have years over college graduates. Also with that, my money management is much better because I’ve been paying bills and making things work for so long. Some college graduates come out of college as greenhorn in the work force and immediate go into even more debt because they haven’t faced the real world.

And with savings as I previously stated, I’m the Jedi master of savings and budgeting. I live by myself, I make good money so I can save, spend and live an incredibly comfortable lifestyle.

A good argument about going to college is getting your dream job. And if my dream was to become a biologist, right now, I couldn’t do it because of my lack of education. I get it. But most graduates that come out of college end up with jobs that don’t even relate to what they went to school for. Or if the job isn’t in demand, it’s extremely difficult to find a job in that field.

And with all this, if you are a college educated person, I respect all the work you had to go to get to where you are. I think that education is a key to open yourself up to a larger world. I don’t want you all to read this thinking that I’m tearing you down. This is just my experience with some college graduates. That doesn’t mean that all are like this. I know a couple of people that went to school, worked their ass off to pay for buying a home, being a single parent and still succeeding with getting their dream job. I do kick myself that I didn’t just stick with it and preserver. Although, I most likely wouldn’t be the strong and successful person I am today.

How I want to end this on is don’t look down at me or any other person that didn’t go to college. You are not a better person than me because of your higher education. You might have a degree, but that doesn’t necessarily make you smarter than me or anyone else.

A degree doesn’t give you a right to be a dick.

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