Ode to Friendship

The universe works in such serendipity. At times it’s baffling.

If anyone were to have known me a little under a decade ago, I don’t think they would recognize me. I was a shell of my outgoing self. I was sad, angry, and lost. I had terrible influences in my life of drugs, partying, and disrespect of others but most of all myself. I have grown so much. I like myself and I don’t take any bullshit. I try to connect with people, even though at times can be extremely awkward. But I haven’t had an urge to know new people in years.

Recently, I have found out that a new friend that is becoming into my close, elite circle that has literally been a step ahead of me since 2005. She knows the people of my past that I was around, for hells sake, she related to my cousin’s best friend. And for some reason we haven’t met until this year. And I know why now.

This year has been a constant test. I haven’t been to this many funerals in one year, ever. I haven’t seen so many people negatively effected in a year, ever. My bestie moved away frown emoticon . It just seemed like one thing after another. And honestly, I felt like no one could get a break from this bad luck.

Then this lady strolled into my life. After getting to know each other, it seems like we should have been friends literally a decade ago. We know the same people and circles. And I’m just in awe of what a truly amazing person she is. She’s caring, hilarious and has her life together. I even told her with all the bullshit I felt and endured, it’s serendipitous that we were to become friends. Her friendship was the end result so all that past bullshit was worth it to have such a great friend in my life.

There was many downs this year, but I can honestly say becoming her friend was one of the positives.

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