Finality of a relationship is never fun nor easy. Any person can be “I don’t care” or “I don’t give a fuck about them”, but there was a reason they were in your life. There was a lesson to be learned when having certain people in your life.

When my last ex boyfriend broke up with me on Facebook, that was rough. Not only did (and still) think it was disrespectful, it was an easy out. I was hurt and angry. I asked God, the universe “Why would you bring such an awful person in my life? All I want is love!” But he was in my life to show myself that I can love another person again. He was in my love to prove I love myself too much to be in a situation where I was disrespected.

Here’s another scenario, a former friend that I had feelings for. He pursued me for awhile. I wasn’t that into him and didn’t want to blur that friend line, because I actually liked being friends with him. We ended up hooking up which I started to get feelings, then he met a girl and told me all about her, then hooked up with me, then wanted to be with the girl. A yo-you affect. I think there’s a part of me that’s a glutton for self punishment, but I forgive him because I wouldn’t know what’s it’s like to be on both ends of the spectrum of a relationship. I’d never do that to another person. He was put in my life to show me perspective.

All relationships, friends and romantic, are lessons. When you go back to dysfunction, you apparently didn’t learn your lesson. Learn your lesson with people and relationships. You’ll grow into an incredible person from it. Trust me.

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