Bow Out

You have to know when you need to bow out of situations that make us unhappy.

I’m to that point with work. It’s been great but I’m so unhappy. All the stress and not being appreciated for my hard work. I work 110% and it’s never good enough. When you feel like that, you just want to quit. And I haven’t, but more and more, “this isn’t good enough” or “you aren’t doing this” just makes me want to throw up my hands in the air and tell them “FUCK YOU AND YOU FUCKING DO IT NOW”. (Which I was so close of doing on Friday) I hate going to work and I countdown until I leave. I’m starting to dislike almost everyone I work with. It’s like a bad boyfriend, I gotta move on!

I’m starting to create my resume and after looking at job listings, there is opportunity out there. I found a good government job that I’m qualified for. And just seeing that job makes me hopeful. We’ll see what happens.

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