Seeing Someone, Feeling Someone

In dating, I have the hardest time playing the field. When I started to date, if I was talking to a guy that I was interested in, I stopped communicating with everyone else and focused on that person. I wouldn’t check messages on the dating website, and any opportunity to go out I would decline and focus on making a relationship out of this person I liked.

I have found out through a lot of trial and error, that stopping communication/dating process is the worst thing you can do!

You should always keep your options open, until you are in a relationship that has been established and agreed upon for you and your partner.

You are not committed to this person if you are casually dating or haven’t talked about “going steady” so keep your options open. If this guy you like isn’t closing the deal, there’s probably someone better out there that will close the deal, and be in a relationship with you in a heart beat.

I’m a monogamous being and like to be with one person, so at first this playing the field felt like I was “cheating” on this person that I liked. But realistically, this is a guy that won’t commit to you, so there are no ties. And without ties doesn’t entail cheating. But I have this guilty conscience no matter what I choose to do. Even with my best choices in life, I usually feel guilty about it.

So if you are a glutton for punishment and guilt, just remember, keep playing the field! Until you have a conversation to be exclusive, you are single. So go have fun and date as many guys as possible! You never know who you’ll find.

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