So I was checking my LinkedIn account, while looking for possible job prospects, when it showed some suggested friends. Scrolling through names, most I had no idea who they were but I found a handful that I knew. I started to add. One of them was an old coworker. I haven’t seen her in years. I’d say five to six years.

She messaged me through LinkedIn, catching up and letting me know what she’s been up to. Then at the end of the message:

“You’ve gotten so much prettier than the last time I saw you”

Now perhaps I’m being sensitive, but what the hell? Was I troll before? I was really taken aback by it. And I kinda took it as a compliment but also as a dig.

I don’t know. It’s just strange how people interact sometimes. I would think a “You look great” would suffice over that. Who knows. All I know is that I’m getting my troll self into some pajamas.

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