Dodged a HUGE Bullet

Holy shit!

I have a friend that we hooked up in the past and at one point, either myself or this friend had feelings for each other. But the timing was always off. We ended up hooking up out of drunkenness and both decided that we were better off as friends. To be honest, the hook up was awful… just sloppy, drunk, and awkward.

Anyways, we are still pretty awkward around each other especially now he’s been steady with a girlfriend for awhile. Side note they were exclusive during this hook up but were seeing each other. So yeah, it can get awkward for me at least.

Well, he called me out the blue  and told me that the girlfriend is pregnant. I’m very happy for them because children are blessings…but I’m so glad it’s not me. I almost feel like I’m on Maury. I was just told I’m not the mother and I just start to dance in celebration. I told him that he has to grow up now.

Everyone around me is going through major mile stones in their life. And here I am… I just want to party. At least I don’t have to grow up another day. Woohoo!

Now if you excuse me, I’m going to have a cocktail and a birth control pill.

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