The Worst

One of the worst things about dating is figuring out if and what you want from the person. This is my achilles heel in dating… not going to lie.

My current struggle is why isn’t this dude kissing me?

I usually will be the first to initiate. I’m a lady that knows what she wants. But after consulting with various people and dating sources, this is the wrong thing to do. I’ve clearly have had a sketchy and unsuccessful relationship past, so I am super open into doing things differently to making a relationship successful.

All the sources state that I, as the woman, should be the hunted, not the hunter.  I’m a boss bitch and a total alpha female once you get to know me. I’m assertive, and will go after what I want. I used to not care if he hasn’t texted me, I would text freely and fine. I’m self sufficient and really don’t need to relay on anyone to live my life. This, in sources, can be seen as being “not needing a man”. Very old school thinking, in my opinion. I just need a strong man, right?

Another source says that let the man do all the initiating. That makes him feel like the hunter. I can somewhat agree with that, but fuck. What if I want to see a movie with him? What if I want to do something with him? Does that mean I have to wait until he wants to see me? And then just ignore him until then? Apparently, yes.

This part of dating, ladies and gentlemen, I’m no expert at. I’m the clueless 16 year old girl that has zero experience in established relationships. I’ve resorted into massive amounts of research and the embarrassing google searches of “Why won’t he kiss me?” “Does he even like me?” “How old am I to be asking these dating questions”

I think the major thing that when coming into these kind of questions and anxiety of a possibility of a relationship, I just need to remind myself, if he likes me, he will come around…. but in the mean time, enjoy yourself.  Don’t freaking worry about it. (Easier said than done) Don’t focus on what’s going on with him. If he’s a keeper, he’ll do something, and if he doesn’t he’ll just kick himself while you move onto someone that won’t pussy foot around.

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