Snoop Dogg: Recap

On Friday night, I went to the first concert in a very long ass time.  It was Snoop Dogg. And let me tell you, it was a night to remember.

It all started at my friends house. We started to drink and get our prefunk on. Then we called a cab to take us around 7ish. So once we got to the destination, we got IDed and frisked, which I told everyone that was the most action I’ve gotten in a long time. The security guard didn’t care for my humor. So we enter in and I buy the first round. Mind you, it’s three of us. And the drinks, not anything special came out to $18. WTF. Seriously? So we drank our drinks and went to find other friends that were there.

Once we found them, there was an opening act going on and in front of us were five hoes. And let me tell you, I’m not an expert of Snoop Dogg’s music. I do like his songs, but these girls had no idea. They look like they spend their time being cold and ordering Pumpkin Spice lattes at Starbucks. But with their crop tops that with all of them spelled out SN OO P DO GG. And the guys around them drooled over them. With their parakeet voices asking guys around them to take pictures. Well, I photobombed all of them…. with the ugliest faces I could do. Three of them started to leave to get drinks or whatever and it left two of them. The two spelled out P OO. So we basically all made fun of them. And once our tolerance wore thin of them we decided to go smoke (which I gotta stop this smoking and drinking thing…gross habit but it’s fabulous at the time). So after smoking we decided to get drinks and find another place that was away from POO.

In the venue there are two bars, so we decided to go to the other one. And awesomely one of my friends I was with knew the bartender super well. So drinks were flowing super cheap. We then decided to find a place to watch Snoop close to the stage and found a spot. With ton of people pushing their way up front, we started to get annoyed. I was standing by a guy that looked like he could be my father, she kept flirting and causally touching my boob with his elbow. It was hella creepy.We all decided that it wasn’t worth the spot because Snoop didn’t come on until 10:30. And the show started at 8pm. So he was was understandably running a wee bit late, so we take off from that spot to go smoke.

And after that smoke break, he was on. We stood in the back of the venue, which was awesome because there was room to dance! We went to get drinks, then one of my friends had a pickpocket attempt. After that scuffle, the bartender told us to wait and let people go before us and he would hook us up. So I told this lady to go ahead of us, and she was surprised and delighted. She bought us all drinks. Then the bartender came back and bought us all shots. So we were enjoying the concert and I got repeatedly hit on. It was awesome. When I go out, I’m lucky if I get one guy showing interest. But I’m not kidding, I got hit on throughout the night. It was fucking awesome. Hahahah!

Snoop was amazing, btw. If you haven’t seen him live, he is someone you want to see. It’s electric and just incredible. I can’t wait to see him again, someday! He knows how to work a crowd and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to.

After the show was over, my friend goes to say goodbye to her bartender friend and the security is kicking us out. The bartender then gives us more shots and we leave. We were outside just wondering what we do now. My thought was to go back to the friends house and just party it up. But this guy comes up to my friend as we are smoking and asks to bum a smoke. We start talking to him and he says he knows Snoop Dogg and they are going to meet up with him, but we should go to the after party. And we all kinda called bullshit. And then he was like “I’m with Floyd Mayweather’s relative”. Which we then call bullshit. And he calls this guy over who has designer pants on and a fucking diamond chain and a solid gold grill. We shot the breeze for a bit. They disappeared and we were all looking at each other in amazement. Like WTF just happened? Then this taxi van pulled up and these people yell at us asking if we are going to the after party in downtown? So we all look at each other and yell yes. “Put out your fucking cigarette and jump in!” OK!

So there we were in a van with people going downtown with a bunch of chill ass strangers.

We get downtown and go to the club that has “the after party” and it was alright. But I buy the first round there and my friends have to pee. So I watch the drinks and once again, I get hit on by some dude. Like I said before, this shit NEVER happens. So I’m just saying to have a good night and what not and my friends come back. We decided that Snoop wasn’t coming to the party so we went to get some food and more drinks. Once we were done there (I successfully David Hasselhoffed that shit), we got into a cab. One of my friends was talking to this guy that she likes on  her phone. And I’m shooting the breeze with the cab driver. Just asking him pretty general questions. Once we were dropped off, one of my friends paid for the cab. Then they told me the cab driver wanted to talk to me. So I went over to the driver side and this cabby was like “Do you want to come in the front seat and I’ll drive you down the street?” I was shocked and just told him I wasn’t interested and to have a good night. Then he asked for my phone number. Again, I was like “Have a good night!”

So we got into the friends house and I’m still baffled at all the shit that happened on Friday night. Hahahah! It was so much fun. And I just needed a night like that.


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