Liver Cleanse: The Dets

I do this every January, then a second in the middle of the year.

It’s a liver cleanse. It is not allowing yourself to drink any alcohol for an entire month. Working at a collection agency like myself, or any high stress job, it can be intense. A cocktail a night keeps me sane.

But I do enjoy the cleanse because you feel regenerated afterwards. It feels as though your system is cleaned out. I also have herb supplements I take to help regenerate and the cleansing process.

The worst friends is the first week or two. Depending on how much you drink, you start to stink. Like you can’t wash off your smell. I will literally shower two to three times a day because it becomes unbearable. Then there is the literal cleanse. Your digestive system freaks out and it gets gross. Now if you aren’t a heavy drinker, you probably won’t have any of these issues. Just being irritable and avoiding anything that has alcohol.

The emotional aspect of it is all worth the irritation and physical aspects of the cleanse. You do feel energized and sleep so well. It’s pretty incredible if you haven’t done it.

Anyways, just be wary of the liver cleanse posts in January.

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