Tarot: 2016 Month Spread

This spread I did after midnight on 1/1/2016. I’m curious to see how accurate this will be.

January: The Temperance
Aspiration, Balance, Harmony, Patience, Moderation, Tact

February: Ace of Wands
Ambition, Beginnings, Creativity, Inspiration, Optimism, Potential

March: XX Karma (Judgement),
Absolution, Inner Calling, Positive Changes, Rebirth, Renewal

April: Two of Wands
Decisions, Future planning, Prepping for Change, Progress

May: Page of Swords
Caution, Curious, Energetic, Mentally Restless, Talkative

June: Eight of Wands
Action, Movement, Rapid Change, Speed, Travel by Air

July: Seven of Swords
Betrayal, Deception, New Solutions Stealth, Street Smarts

August: Eight of Pentacles
Apprenticeship, Education, Diligence, Engagement, Skill, Quality

September: Two of Swords
Blocked Emotions, Choices, Heart and Mind are not on the same page, Indecision, Stalemate, Truce

October: Page of Cups
Creative Beginnings, Imagination, Messenger, Synchronicity

November: The Lovers
Alignment, Beauty, Love, Relationships, Romance, Sexual Love, Union, Values

December: X The Wheel of the Year/Wheel of Fortune
Destiny, Good luck, Karma, Life Cycles, Seasons, Turning point

Year over all: Queen of Cups
Calm, Clairvoyance, Compassionate, Emotional Healing and Security, Empathy, Intuitive, Love, Serenity,

The deck used is the Witches Tarot. Definitions and meanings of the cards were found by Witches Tarot and Biddy Tarot

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