Google Search: he ignores some of my texts

Yes ladies and gentlemen. My embarrassing high school mentality of googling technology protocol has not stopped. I am almost 30 and some of my google searches involving relationships (mostly texting or online communication) is not just borderline, it is embarrassing.

But I get a lot of insight. And ultimately, it gets very confusing.

My current problem is lack of communication and me specifically asking questions through texts or messages and they are being ignored. This is not a new problem of mine, and it continues to happen.  I read a couple great articles stating that it’s the age of technology of rejection or declining an invite is easier to not say anything because you aren’t facing the person. If you had to suck it up it makes it more uncomfortable for the decliner because they don’t want to A) hurt that person’s feelings or B) not deal with a possible emotional person. Either way, I’m very frustrated because like most females we like to communicate and know what’s going on. We want to be involved. Guys are more just live in the moment and don’t really communicate in the fashion women do.

The one conclusion after reading wayyy too many articles online is the ultimate root of the problem is insecurity. And to be specific my own insecurity. So I need to tell myself instead of going to google and wading through the thousands of articles about texting and technology is to let it the fuck go. Let it go. If he wants you, he will come to you. If he texts, he will text. Don’t drop everything you do to be with this dude if he’s not making you priority. You are better than that and you deserve a million times more than that.

If you are a faithful reader you will notice that I end some of my posts with the basic principle of living your life and forget about it. I just want to note that it’s so much easier said than done. And one of these days I will take my own advice and just forget about the bullshit. I want to help others that are in my stupid situation and hopefully help them to not do what I’m doing.

2 thoughts on “Ignore”

  1. Went out twice with a guy. We were texting like crazy and flirting shamelessly. Then he just stopped answering. I was very upset about it. Texted him on Christmas, and we’re back again. Yes, it’s all very confusing.


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