Making a Murderer

There has been such a buzz about this show. I actually binge watched this on New Years Day. With anyone that I know enjoys crime shows, I’ve recommended this to them. Now if you have watched the entire series and know what happened, feel free to continue to read. If you haven’t watched it and don’t want to know what happens, click here to go to my main page and read other awesome entries! 🙂

(((( S P O I L E R ))))…..((((ALERT))))

I was in complete disbelief this entire series. There were so many moments of bouncing back and forth from “He’s guilty as fuck” to “OMG, he’s totally innocent”. My personal opinion on the trial is that there isn’t enough evidence to support he murdered that lady. And my heart goes out to the deceased woman’s family. They are blinded by grief and rightfully so. I just hope that if they watch this they might reconsider their stand on Avery not being her murderer. The way she was described as being murdered would have been extremely bloody and they can’t find where. I get it, the act of murder could have been done anywhere. But the car? Where there were smears that coincides with their evidence of having a syringe of Avery’s blood that was confiscated during his first run in prison (where he was wrongfully charged with rape and was in prison for 18 years). I’m baffled by the police department, and the Wisconsin court system. Why wouldn’t you go through the entire protocol to put the nail in the coffin with this guy? Like the lack of anthropological excavation of bone removal in the fire pit, or having the other police district take complete control of the search, or perhaps not engaging in manipulative interrogations… My jaw was dropped the entire series. But going back on the blood vile mentioned with the car, when they found that evidence was tampered and scotch taped over…. then having a pin prick, likely a syringe in the vile. I was shocked. Dumbfounded. I’m still beside myself about this whole show. I think halfway through watching this series, I said “I will never live in Wisconsin” and that is thanks to the scary thought of these individuals ruining people’s lives because of their own mistake. But they have to sleep at night knowing that there might be someone out there murdering another person… much like the rapist from the first case.

Whew. That was a lot. No one at work has watched it and clearly I needed to get some of this stuff off my chest. Hahahaha!

Have you guys watched it? What are your thoughts on it?

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