Knowledge Is Power

Here’s a great example of doing a basic search on a person before giving out your number:

I was talking to this guy. He is very cute and seemed like my type. So I messaged him. And we had a good banter back and forth then he asked me for my number to text stating it’s so much easier to text than to be on the site. I’m so hesitant to give out my number so I always ask for their last name before giving my phone number out. Then the mini sleuthing happens.

1st: Google.
You want to see what pops up. If any red flags pop up, ie Mugshot, news reports, or social media posts. I’m highly against going onto social media and seeing everything that they posted, but if there is something that pops up on the first page of Google, I’d take whatever it is to consideration

2nd: Court Case Searches
In my state (Idaho) we have what’s called a repository. This shows every infraction and criminal case that has ever been against a person. Infractions (like speeding tickets) you shouldn’t put too much weight in, it’s the criminal cases.
But first before you start judging, look at the dates of the cases. If there hasn’t been any activity more than 7 years, it very well could have been a stupid mistake. For example, I do have a misdemeanor controlled substance charge on my record back in 2006. I was caught with weed and was taken to jail. Boo. I was 19 years old and have kept my nose clean since.
Ask yourself if you are cool with this person having this on their record. If you really aren’t then don’t give out your number.
Also, make sure you are reading the docket correctly. It might have a felony battery and was dismissed (which means was charged with that felony battery but the case was thrown out) or amended (which is the person was charged with the felony battery but was amended to, for the most part, a lesser charge).
If your state doesn’t have a repository, try to search “[insert your county] case search” in Google.

I googled this individual and an interaction on Twitter popped up and he was talking about a video game but wanted to bash a lady gamer’s face in. UM… Then I checked the repository. No cases whatsoever. That’s great, but I remembered in his profile he stated that he moved from Washington, I found Washington’s case search and found that this guy is a felon and has numerous cases against him in the state of Washington.

I messaged him back stating that I feel more comfortable chatting on the website.

Knowledge is power, people! And if someone isn’t disclosing information, you need to make sure you protect yourself before giving out any of your personal information.

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