The Religion Question

On my profile I have my religion marked as “Other”. I view myself as a spiritual person with Pagan highlights. But I don’t put a big emphasis on religion because 1)I’m not religious and 2)I’m respectful of other’s religions and feel as though I can date someone that doesn’t share my same beliefs.

I got a message stating:

You listed “Other religion,” may I ask what religion you are?

When I first saw this I immediately thought, this guy is clearly concerned about my religious standings, and I’d rather not start off my first conversation as defending my beliefs. So I ignored it. Well the dude came back to my profile and read it and commented on every little thing. As I read it, it was endearing and respectful. So I checked out his page and every part of his profile had Jesus in it, and wanting a good Christian woman. Poor dude was barking up the wrong tree.

So I wrote back:

Hi *******. I just want to start out by saying thanks for reading my profile, but I don’t think we’d be fit out as anything romantic. I’m not Christian nor do I plan on being. I see that’s very important to you. Have a great Saturday and good luck! 🙂

Let’s be somewhat mature and explain what’s going on. Now this guy knows, “Oh, she’s not my religion… and that’s important to me. So yeah, that wouldn’t work out.” instead of the dreaded “She thinks this about me or that”. I think when it comes to the thoughtful messages we receive, like the second one he sent me, it definitely deserves why this won’t work out. Don’t ignore!

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