It’s day 24 on this liver cleanse. And this is probably the worst cleanse I’ve been on.

Now the first time I did it I was agitated the entire month and I didn’t feel the benefits until the very last week. The next time I did it and after that, it was a week of being annoyed but the rest of the month I felt great. It was almost a “maybe I should quit drinking all together” thought process. I sleep a million times better and I just feel awesome. After the month is over, I would very slowly incorporate drinking back into my life.

Typically when I do this in January, I lose 10 pounds, easily within the first two weeks. I don’t change any eating habits, it’s just an automatic drop. I’ve actually gained weight during this month. And like I’ve said before that when doing this, you get bored but your body feels amazing. I have felt hungover for the past week without a lick of alcohol. My sleeping patterns have been dreadful. I feel as though I don’t get any sleep, even though I sleep 8+ hours. My mood has been OK, but I get irritated easily.

I’m very much ready for this month to be over.

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