Tarot: January 2016 Evaluation

January: The Temperance
Aspiration, Balance, Harmony, Patience, Moderation, Tact

I think that this card is more of a suggestion that anything, because I feel as though this month was not harmonious. I think my patience was tried the entire month and I showed that patience with the stuff that happened at work. But obviously with the whole dating life aspect, my patience is spent. But Temperance as a card represents balance with not just one aspect of your life but you as a whole. I think with everything that was going on, my life was balanced in the way that one part of my life wasn’t better or worse the other one. And looking at balance doesn’t necessarily mean positive. So I can see in that aspect of it. And I think tact was given this month in when bad situations came up, the tact was to stop it before it got worse rather than ignore the issue and continue on as the issue got worse. Moderation was put into play because of the non drinking aspect of the month. And I feel as though it’s almost like a word of caution for next month

The deck used is the Witches Tarot. Definitions and meanings of the cards were found by Witches Tarot and Biddy Tarot

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