My Life at this Moment

My life at this moment is a bad sitcom.



So my weekend started with one of my old friend’s friend reaching out. Long story short, my old friend and my falling out was brutal. There is a substance abuse problem on the other end, and the best way to describe it as an empath and a narcissistic relationship. Just toxic towards the end. ANYWAYS, this friend reached out to have coffee and I just shut it down with “if you want to know what’s going on in my life or want to share what’s going on with yours I’m down. But if it’s anything or anyone else, I’m not interested”. It then became a Facebook message war. The friend was telling me I didn’t give a shit, I was rebutting with that I do but can’t do this any more. And to be quite frank, it was flat out drama. This drama spanned from Saturday to Wednesday.

On Monday afternoon, I checked my mail and surprise! I got an invite to one of my friends (whom I used to hook up with) and his girlfriend’s baby shower.

Then at work yesterday, my co worker started to have a full on cry fest.

So this week I’ve had a perma frown. Like, “what the fuck keeps happening around me and when will it fucking stop” frown. You know, the kind of frown that is like a cartoon but with big bulgy eyes.

I’m ready for this week to be over. I’m just ready for this mini shit storm to move on out. To be completely honest, I’m ready for my Vegas vacation in March. I even wrote an email at work to a client asking how his trip out of state for Super Bowl was. And I put something along the lines as “I’m glad you had a great time. It reminds me of going to Vegas in X amount of days, I’m not counting or anything”

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