Prophetic Dreams Question Mark

I totally believe that in a lot of cases, dreams are telling us what our subconscious is telling us. There are times where the dreams are just messed up and piecing what happened through the day or week.

The other night I had a dream about Mr. E. It was right before Valentines Day. Which I used to have a big issue about that day being mostly single my entire life, and to not sound so dramatic, majority of my adult life. Now I view it as a time to be grateful of my family and friends that love me and just show the love to all those that love me. But I used to be very pessimistic about the holiday, just utterly hating it. So thinking of it almost like any other day, I didn’t have a preconceived ideal of Valentines Day.

So in my dream, Mr. E appeared. And the feeling with him and myself was when we first starting seeing each other. Excitement and not him being a complete ass. In my dream I was introducing him to all my friends. So it was a big to do and I wanted to see what they thought and how much I’ve expressed how my friends thoughts and opinions on my significant other is somewhat important he knew that it was. I got a boat day trip cruise thing set up and we all had to meet up at my family’s cabin. And everyone was there, extremely excited to meet the mysterious Mr. E. Which as a true side note, I display towards my friends as my dating guys as mysterious because I want to know the guy is right and would get along with my friends prior to meeting. Which can take time.

Anyways, Mr. E shows up at my family’s cabin wearing prosthetic makeup. Like he dressed up like a creature. I vividly remember telling him I was embarrassed of him. And then he proceeded to make an ass out of himself to all my friends before the cruise.  They all told me that they would put him a room and put a sign on the door “I’M DUMB AND DON’T TELL ME WHEN EVERYONE IS LEAVING” and I wasn’t against it. Once we got a bus to get to the cruise, there Mr. E was. Someone told him and he made even bigger asshole of himself on the bus.

And that was the basis of my dream. So I think it was telling me that I dodged a bullet with Mr. E. And after how big of an asshole he was to me, I’m glad I’m done with that.

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