Had To :/

I’m so bummed out that I have to tell you guys that I disabled my online dating profile. The only guy I met on there was Mr. E. And boy, wasn’t that a waste of time. The rest were either felons, or just didn’t want a serious relationship that is specifically listed on my profile.

So right now I’m taking a break on the online dating because it has now felt so discouraging. I’ll be back, I normally am. But fuck, it’s super frustrating.

And like I’ve said before, don’t let this post discourage you from doing any online dating. This is normal. You go through waves. Sometimes when you are online dating, you’ll be talking with 10 different guys and other times it’s a freakin’ drought. Again, I’ll most likely be back because IRL (in real life) dating I seem to be socially inept.

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