9 Lives

We’ve all heard that cats have nine lives. And it usually comes along with their sense of invincibility and ability to get out of sticky situations… like a cat. But the other day I was thinking about that phrase, and humans have 9 lives as well. Some more literally than others. But we do.

I was thinking about my group of friends I hang out. And after my bestie moved away, I’ve had to regather myself and find some close girlfriends to hang out with and thankfully I found an awesome group.

The more I think about friends it reminds me of different parts of my life. High school and high school friends. In between college and college friends. Ex boyfriend and his friends. Reconnecting with old friends and making new friends out of that group. Etc. Etc. And honestly we as humans constantly grow and adapt socially. We are social creatures. And the more I was digging through my old “lives” the more I was relating to the cat phrase of having “9 lives”.

I think if you haven’t had the chance or are looking back and nothing has really changed, it’s time for a new “life”. It’s time for the next chapter. My previous “life” or chapter ended on a highish note. I mean bestie was moving away but it was her wedding and we had the group together and the best time of our lives at the wedding.

From now on when change is happening and I start to freak out (I’m a Taurus and change is no bueno), I just have to remember. It’s my next cat life coming into to play. It might not be as good or as bad as the last one, but it’s new. Make the best of it!

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