Online Dating: Pictures

Even though I’m technically offline in the dating scene, I still have friends that are. This is her story [insert Law and Order dun dun dun]

She was talking with this guy and they seemed to hit it off alright and decided to meet up. Well, whom she met was not the guy that in the photograph. It was a guy that was 100+ pounds more than the guy she was talking to.

Now, before you start getting on any high horses, being overweight isn’t an issue. I’m a thick and juicy girl, but I also present myself that way online. I’m not posting pictures of myself being 40 pounds lighter. Or pretending to be a skinny, in shape woman. I’m squishy and love to eat… and sometimes stairs get me winded…. and I do sometimes get the vodka sweats. Hahah! But I’m just saying, don’t portray yourself as someone you aren’t.

I stand behind the fact that yes you should post flattering pictures, but not sooo flattering that it morphs what you really look like. Granted I can take some pictures where I’m like “HOLY SHIT. I’M A SUPERMODEL” then the next shot “Ehhhh… nevermind”. I like using pictures that either other people have taken of me, or if I’ve gone on a selfie binge, the picture that might not be my first choice. Be realistic. Because if you are starting out lying about your picture, you starting any sort of relationship with a lie.

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