Journal Entry: 2/21/2015

A lot of tears today, but it was great reliving some old memories and looking back on things. But old love notes, objects of affection, stolen letters off of buildings, dried flowers, journal entries of sadness and anger, gifts… material objects that grasp on the past are holding me back. Emotional cholesterol in what once felt like a prison. Some of these things mentioned being donated, others being thrown away.
In another universe or life, everything would be how I used to imagine my life would be. But I wouldn’t switch my life now and the image of this imaginary timeline for anything. I find that I lead a terribly incredible life that has many twists and turns.
But with all these going through things, I understand myself so much more. I’ve thought at times in my life I was so complex when I was so simple minded, and vice versa in other times. And I’ve never appeared to myself so crystal clear as I do now.
To be honest, I feel reborn. I feel like a phoenix. I just utterly burnt up, letting go of everything, just let go and now the ashes are free falling to be reborn once again. I’m ready for what’s next. My heart and mind are open. I’m so ready.

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