Nerd Alert

I admit it. I’m a big fat nerd. One of my biggest nerd love is something that if you look carefully throughout my house, but I don’t mention it. I freakin’ love Sailormoon. I collect items from the show and have them riddled throughout my house. A little background, when my little cousin passed away in 1997, that’s when I found that show and manga, and it got me through alot. I love it so much that I’m actually getting a tattoo of the Imperium Silver Crystal.

11844144_10100298527994824_1112822499_nBehold, nerds!

So loving nerdy things is something that I’ve always done. But I had limitations.I told myself I couldn’t cross a line.

1st – LARPing (Live Action Role Playing) hence what happened with this guy when I found out that he was a LARPer.
2nd – DnD (Dungeons and Dragons) because, come on. But I had no idea what entailed with DnD.

WELL, my guy friend invited me, a while back, to come over and play Call of Cthulhu. After much convincing from my bestie and his wife, I decided to go.They told me that I needed to go buy special dice, make sure to bring a pencil and paper for notes. Lo and behold I had the best time with it. It was like make believe, almost like you’re a kid again. It was so much fun! We had the case set in the 1920s horror events and my friend turned all the lights off with candles lit playing creepy music. It was like a five hour event that only felt like it was one hour. Then afterwards everyone told me it was pretty much like Dungeons and Dragons just without specifics on fight sequences. I was horrified. HOW COULD I LOVE THIS SO MUCH when I’ve told myself or rather LIED to myself saying it was the stupidest thing ever. THIS WAS SO GREAT.

So my line right now is larping. I will not cross that line at this time. But honestly how role playing happened, you never know. Hahah!

But with Call of Cthulhu, this past weekend I played with a bunch of my friends online on Roll20. And holy shit, I had so much fun. We’re going to be playing again in a couple weeks before Vegas, and I can honestly say, I’m so excited! But it felt like we were all together again like in the old days (half of the group leaves out of state). So I hope that this is going to be something that we do more often. So much fun!

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