Dream Man

I want to find a man that treats me like how drunk me treats me.

One of the things that I’ve been loving lately is taking Epsom salt baths, especially after a night of drinking. I wake up the next morning with mermaid hair and not feeling hungover.

A couple weekend’s ago, I had a girl’s night at my house. I bought some TGIFridays frozen appetizers and one of them were sliders. After many cocktails, we all tried them and they are divine. So after the girls left, I went and drew a bath for myself. While my bath was filling up, I heated up the last slider. Took that slider and the last of my cocktail, and took the most satisfying bath ever. Eating a slider and drinking my cocktail, what more can a girl ask for?

Last week, I got some news at work where I’m already stressed out and working two people’s job, it’s now going to be working three people’s jobs. So Wednesday night I decided drink in a little excess. That night, drunk self did a hair do that I could sleep on so I could just roll out of bed and go to work. (This hair style is separating your hair in half (like low pigtails) and twist them. After twisting them, you place the twists on top of your head (think Heidi or milkmaid braids but with twists) and bobby pin them. And holy crap, the next morning, drunk self hooked me up. It was the best hair I’ve had in awhile.

So my drunk self treats me like a queen. And I’ve decided that is what I need in a man. TREAT ME LIKE A QUEEN!

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