After getting my tax return, I put half in savings and the other half in my checking. Usually I would go on a massive clothes shopping spree, but this year, I actually surprised myself. I went around my house thinking what necessities that I’ve neglected to get and need. So my first thought was underwear. So I bought some decent underwear and feeling proud of myself.

The next thing that isn’t a necessity but normal people usually have are ice trays. I have drank cocktails for years at my house without ice cubes. But every since I’ve been drinking iced water at work for the past couple months, I’ve just began to love iced drinks. Now, I do actually have ice cube trays. However they are from a bachelor/bachelorette party that was thrown at my house. The only ice cubes that I owned since I moved into my house in 2008 are penis shaped ice cubes. Yep. One year I had my parents over for a Super Bowl and my mom’s gin and tonic was filled with ice penises. I just told her to not tell my dad and pretend they are rocket ships.

After purchasing real ice trays, I feel like a goddamn adult. Which is sad, scary and exciting all at the same time.

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