Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been so stressed out. I had a coworker quit last month so I’ve been doing two people’s jobs since. And not getting really that much support or help from the other coworker in my department, I’ve been a bit frazzled. But it’s been manageable. Then I found out that a higher ranking person is now quitting and my parents (part owners) have put the pressure on needing to learn this person’s job and pretty much absorbing her responsibilities. Ever since finding all this out I started to get so stressed out thinking that I’m going to be having to do three freakin’ people’s jobs.

Luckily we’ve hired someone that started today in my department so hopefully that will get rid of some of the things on my plate.

With all this stress, I’ve been drinking alot more than I should. And I’ve started to develop eczema. Which happens when I’m to the tipping point of stress. Typically, I get them on my arms that can be hidden. Not this time. Which I know that I’m to the top reaches of the stress level. I have eczema right on my fucking face. I can’t cover it with makeup and it’s just hanging out mocking me.

So with all this being said, I can’t wait for my vacation. Like, seriously.

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